Prenatal Chiropractic Care in Beaverton

Pregnancy and Prenatal care at Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Beaverton, OR

With 25 years of experience adjusting pregnant woman, Dr. Kathy Cantwell, your Beaverton chiropractor, is proud to offer assistance throughout the stages of your pregnancy. Dr. Kathy performs gentle adjustments to improve comfort, helps ensure a healthy delivery and even optimizes the health of your newborn baby by performing adjustments within hours of birth. She has had the joy of adjusting mothers through pregnancy and adjusting their newborns through childhood. She has seen many of her patients off to college and is now attending their weddings! Dr. Kathy is a proud mother of five and is a pioneer in the field of Chiropractic Pediatrics. She began her journey in this field as a graduate of the first Pediatric Diplomate class in 1996.

pregnant woman before prenatal chiropractic care in Beaverton

Whether you're seeking to start a new family or expand and existing one, your musculoskeletal health can be a major factor in how smoothly that process goes. Optimizing your physical alignment and function with Dr. Kathy, can help with everything from preparing the body for pregnancy to reducing acute and chronic pain, including the pain associated with childbirth.

Help With Pre-Pregnancy Issues & Relieving Pregnancy Pain

Chiropractic care with Dr. Kathy will not only help you enjoy a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy; she can even help you in your efforts to achieve that pregnancy in the first place. Irregular menstruation, intense cramps and severe menstrual pain may be secondary dysmenorrhea associated with hormonal imbalances or other underlying reproductive issues. Chiropractic adjustment to normalize your nerve signaling can help your body regulate these functions more efficiently, reducing menstrual pain and increasing your odds of conceiving.

Pregnancy is infamous for its ability to produce chronic and acute pain and other discomforts. Headache and migraine issues can become a problem due to muscular tension, hormonal changes and emotional stress. Neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain and sciatica are other common symptoms, especially once the ligaments relax (to help permit a normal birth) and your spinal alignment and weight distribution begin to shift. Dr. Kathy can adjust your alignment gently and carefully -- without using any X-rays or other techniques that might harm the developing fetus -- to relieve nerve compression, improve nerve function and reduce muscular tension. These adjustments can help you experience significant headache, migraine, neck pain, back pain and sciatica relief naturally, with no need for drugs.

A Healthy Delivery

As your due date draws nearer, the fetus will need to rotate inside the womb to facilitate a normal head-first birth. If a pelvic or sacral misalignment toward the bottom of the spinal column makes this difficult or impossible, you might be facing a breech birth. Even a non-critical misalignment can make your delivery more difficult and uncomfortable than necessary. Prenatal chiropractic care with Dr. Kathy can prepare your body for the big event, reducing the pain associated with childbirth and allowing for a quicker, easier, non-surgical delivery. Need be, Dr. Kathy will administer adjustments to newborns who have sustained spinal misalignments of their own during delivery.

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Dr. Kathy looks forward to helping your family and your future newborn in the healthiest, most comfortable manner possible. Call Dr. Kathy, your trusted chiropractor in Beaverton to schedule prenatal care!

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