Headaches and Migraines

There is nothing more debilitating and infuriating than a nagging headache throughout the day. If left untreated, a headache can progress to a much worse condition. Our headache and migraine treatment is signature at Unity Chiropractic & Wellness Center. It is our purpose to provide an individual with a customized plan to alleviate their headaches and get to the bottom of why they persist.

We offer a host of wellness services and professional recommendations to ensure your headache and migraine treatment is of benefit to you and lasts long-term. It is our goal to approach each patient with compassion, guidance, and purpose. 

What We Offer

The first step for treating your pain is to have a comprehensive exam with one of our chiropractors. It is through a doctors’ recommendation that every patient goes through the proper channels and steps towards rehabilitation and optimal health. 

Following the exam are the headache and migraine treatment protocols we offer and help with during your restoration process with us:

  • • Spinal adjustments
  • • Lifestyle consultations
  • • Proper exercise treatment
  • • acupuncture

Each one of our modalities provides our patients with the necessary tools to effectively alleviate headaches and migraines, and continue a productive, healthy, happy life.

Because most headaches and migraines are the result of several factors, we wanted to include what some of these factors can be:

  • • Stress or anxiety
  • • Head injuries
  • • Poor posture, poor ergonomics at work, and poor sleeping habits
  • • Neck injuries
  • • Overuse of electronic devices and staring downward

Other Treatments We Recommend

It's not always the obvious activity that can start your headache or migraine. We recommend a variety of ways to mitigate the pain prior to worsening, or once the onset of an initial symptom:

  • • Wear sunglasses to block out aggressive or unnatural light
  • • Stick to a regular schedule to minimize anxiety
  • • Meditation and deep breathing for stress
  • • Aromatherapy
  • • Take a hot bath and relax
  • • Apply ice packs to the inflamed areas
  • • Reduce screen time

We believe that every type of headache and migraine treatment is a step in the right direction, whether you initiate care with Unity Chiropractic & Wellness Center or you further your lifestyle restoration with the beneficial wellness protocols we recommend. Every level of treatment counts towards your quality of life.

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