Myofascial & Massage Therapy in Beaverton

Our massage therapists, Nicky and Lynsey, brings years of their expertise to our clinic and is highly proficient in the myofascial technique as well as prenatal massage. The benefits of soft tissue work is quite extensive, this includes:

Stress and anxiety relief                                     Reduce muscle tension

Fibromyalgia help                                               Enhance exercise performance

Headache tension relief                                      Sleep improvement

Reduce the pain of osteoarthritis                        Promote relaxation

Chronic neck pain help                                       Chronic lower back pain relief

Increase range of motion                                    Decrease stress in cancer patients

Extremity pain relief                                            Increase overall feeling of well being

Myofascial & Massage FAQ:

What is Myofascial Therapy? 

Myofascial therapy is a name for structural bodywork treatments that relieve pain and inflammation in the body. Myofascial treatments focus on the fascia, or the soft connective tissues between muscle and joints. Over time, the fascia between your muscles can become over-stretched and tight, and you feel pain as a result. This may occur due to overuse, injury, poor posture, or an imbalance in the body. Myofascial pain can mimic the pain of many other medical conditions including chest pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, migraine headaches.

Whatever the cause of your pain, structural bodywork treatments can work tension out of the body so you feel better. By releasing tension trapped in muscles and fascias, our team can bring down inflammation and initiate pain relief. By scheduling an appointment for regular myofascial or massage therapy with Lynsey and Nicky, you can slowly regain flexibility and range of motion you have lost due to muscle and fascia adhesions. You will be amazed at how light you feel! 

How long is a session?

We mostly offer one-hour sessions, but 30 and 90 minute sessions are also available.

What if it is too hard to lay on the table due to my condition?

No worries! We also have a massage chair that can be customized to make your session a comfortable experience. 

Will I be sore afterwards?

Some, but not all, patients feel a degree of muscular soreness after their session. Our therapists try to always stay within the comfort zone of our individual patients to minimize any soreness. Drinking plenty of water following a treatment is always recommended. 

Contact Your Massage Therapist at Unity

If you would like to learn more about myofascial therapy or schedule an appointment for a structural bodywork treatment, we encourage you to come in for an appointment. Reserve your appointment with our chiropractor or massage therapist at Unity on our website or by calling our wellness center today at {503-747-3388}!

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