Extremity Chiropractic Care

The joints that mobilize your extremities can take a lot of wear and tea, developing a variety of painful problems as a result. It's good to know, therefore, that our Beaverton chiropractor at Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center can adjust more than just spines. We also administer extremity chiropractic care to help our patients overcome pain, stiffness, and other limitations.

Problems Afflicting the Extremity Joints

Many of us may be surprised how many times a day we rely on an extremity joint to help us perform essential tasks. The extremities of the lower body must bear your weight as you move around on them, while the extremities of the upper body make manual dexterity possible. When trouble strikes the joints in your extremities, you may suddenly find yourself unable to manage your life with agonizing pain. Let's look at some common examples of extremity joint pain.

  • •Elbow pain - Repetitive motion can strain the tendons of the elbow joint. This is especially true for athletes who wield a club or racket, such as tennis players and golfers. 
  • •Wrist pain - Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common wrist pain problem among office workers, musicians, and others who work with their hands. It's caused by chronic inflammation that squeezes the median nerve in the wrist.
  • •Knee pain - Knee pain can be related to instabilities in the kneecap, a problem known as runner's knee. It may also occur due to osteoarthritis, especially if you are also obese or have subjected your knees to abnormal degrees of punishment.
  • •Ankle pain - Acute ankle pain is often associated with sprains and strains. You can also develop chronic ankle pain due to arthritis or a musculoskeletal misalignment.

Extremity Adjustments from Your Beaverton Chiropractor

Any Beaverton chiropractor on our team can help you eliminate or reduce your extremity joint pain. Our extremity adjustments are very small and precise, bringing joint components into better alignment for easier motion.  If your extremity pain has been worsened or initiated by a spinal misalignment, we may perform spinal adjustments as well.

Ready to Feel and Move Better in Beaverton?

Don't allow your extremities to "freeze up" on you until you can no longer enjoy your life. Call our Beaverton clinic today at {503-747-3388} to schedule extremity chiropractic care!


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