Tension Headaches

Although tension headaches are usually not on the same level as a migraine and normally do not put a halt on your life, they can definitely make it unpleasant. You should not let tension headaches slow you down.

Tension headaches are very common in America, affecting about 80% of the adult population at one point or another. One might experience episodic tension headaches, which occur two times or less each month. Others may experience chronic tension headaches, which happen more days out of the month than not.

How to Know If It’s a Tension Headache

Tension headaches are different than migraines. They typically do not cause stomach pain, nausea or vomiting, severe sensitivity to light and sound, or vision problems. The pain is described as feeling like a band that is squeezing your head and is often accompanied by muscle aches in the neck and shoulders.

Potential Causes of Tension Headaches

Tension headaches can be caused by several things, some of the common triggers include:

  • • fatigue
  • • eye strain
  • •muscle tension
  • • stress
  • • excessive smoking
  • • dehydration
  • • lack of sleep
  • • improper diet
  • • poor posture
  • • colds or the flu
  • • misalignment of the spine

With a little self-assessment, you should be able to pinpoint at least one or two triggers in your life.

Treatment of Tension Headaches

There are quite a few ways to prevent tension headaches. If you can find the trigger and eliminate it from your life, that can be pretty simple. For those who smoke too much or don’t get enough water, try to smoke less and hydrate more. Some people may need to try a new sleeping position or pillow. Eyeglasses may help some and eating better will help others.

Sometimes, however, you need a professional to help you with your headaches. A chiropractor can provide a few benefits. Aligning the spine can:

  • • Take the pressure off of your muscles to decrease muscle tension
  • • Help improve poor posture
  • • Help you get better sleep
  • • Lower stress, which can lead to less tension in the body and even reduce the urge to smoke

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