Pinched Nerves

You're probably here because you or someone you love is looking for pinched nerve treatment from our Beaverton chiropractor. We're thrilled to let you know that you can access comprehensive and personalized care at Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center. Our certified chiropractic physicians help patients overcome acute, chronic, or debilitating pain with chiropractic adjustments or soft tissue therapies that work to heal the body and restore nerve function. 

How Does a Nerve Get Pinched? 

Just about anything that puts pressure on the nerve in the spine or other sites in the body can pinch a nerve. The nerve can get squeezed in the neck, upper back, lower back, hand, or leg (sciatica) from repetitive use, sports, or auto accident injury. The spinal bones, joints, or disc may shift out of alignment and irritate a nearby nerve. Other causes are bad posture, heavy lifting, being overweight, pressure on the sacroiliac (SI) joint from pregnancy, and:  

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bulging or herniated discs 
  • Spinal injuries, e.g., whiplash
  • Degenerative disc diseases such as spinal stenosis  

Pinched Nerve Common Symptoms

Tell your chiropractic physician if you're experiencing any of the following common symptoms associated with irritation or inflammation of a nerve:

  • Dull aching, sharp shooting, or burning pain
  • A pins-and-needles sensation
  • Wrist Pain (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
  • Pain that comes and goes, persists or radiates to the upper or lower extremities
  • Numbness tingling or weakness in the shoulder, arm, hand, leg, or feet
  • Limited movement or disabling pain with prolonged sitting or standing 

Chiropractic Care in Beaverton for Pinched Nerve

Feeling miserable or unable to function daily due to nerve pain symptoms? Our chiropractor can help get you back to an active lifestyle. We will evaluate your symptoms and results from a physical and spinal exam to figure out the source of the problem. After discussing your treatment options, we can adjust the spine to correct subluxations of the vertebrae by applying gentle pressure on the spine.

Realigning the spine relieves pressure on the nerve, herniated discs, and connective tissue. Chiropractic adjustment of the wrist helps alleviate Carpal Tunnel Syndrome while prenatal chiropractic eases pain from pressure on the SI joints or sciatic nerve. Neck, back, leg, or sciatic nerve pain may go away after the first treatment as adjustment regulates communication between the brain and nerves.  

For maximum relief, we may recommend therapeutic massage therapy, sports massage, or myofascial therapy based on the patient's needs. These natural therapies reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation, and relieve stiffness.

Recover with personalized drug-free care from our chiropractor 

All techniques and therapies provided at Unity Chiropractic and Wellness Center are natural, non-invasive and customized to suit your wellness needs. Call our Beaverton office at {503-747-3388} to schedule your appointment. 


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